Rozalena Prickly Pear Organic Seed Oil

This 30ml prickly pear seed oil is made from perfect blend of organic components which contain essential nutrients like Vitamin E, magnesium, potassium and calcium. These nutrients improve your skin texture to give you a vivid and sleeky natural look. It breaks excess fats and oils your skin which opens clogged skin pores and prevents acne breakouts. Prickly pear oil moisturizes your skin and reduces skin inflammation. It stimulates natural regenerating cells to quickly heal wounds and damage. It speeds up your skin recovery process and reduces skin aging by removing fine lines and improving skin texture. You will get rid of scars and blemishes by using this prickly pear seed oil. It is also efficient against premature wrinkles, dark spots, block skin pores and damaged follicles. By opening blocked follicles, this oil will also aid in your hair growth and you can get good quality hair and skin. The Vitamin E present in this prickly pear oil is an effective anti oxidant against free radicles and impurities in your skin. It prevents sunburns and protects your skin from UV rays. Outshine everyone with the help of this organic prickly pear sead oil today.



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