Rozalena Kaolin Lightening Face Mask

This 50g skin lightening face mask contains Nila, White Clay (Kaolin), and extra-nourishing organic oils. Its pure organic components make it easy to use. This skin lightening mask prevents acne and dark spots. It removes rashes and wrinkles from your skin and helps you get a soft and even skin tone. The nourishing organic oils help quickly heal skin wounds and improve your skin texture. This skin lightening mask softens rough areas of your skin and cleanses impurities from your skin to give you a fresh and elegant look. It is the perfect face mask for lightening scars, and it revitalizes your skin to provide you with a younger look at any age. It effectively removes makeup residues and free radicals from your skin. It removes excess oils from your skin and opens blocked skin pores to keep your skin protected from acne. Use an even layer of this face mask on the skin and leave it for 8-10 minutes. Rinse it off thoroughly with warm water.



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