Brazilian Mousse Protein

For professional use, this 150 ml BB Foam Stem Cells argan, ojon, and macadamia pro-filler Brazilian Keratin Protein Mousse with 0% formol is perfect for giving your hair a new life. This Brazilian Keratin treatment product is potent and quickly absorbed into the hair by combining the perfect balance of super nutrients, protecting, strengthening, and adding shine. Our stem cell protein mousse softens the hair by acting as an emollient.

Get this stem cell protein mousse to make combing your hair a breeze and a pain-free experience. This Brazilian Keratin Protein Mousse provides moisturization, conditioning, and enhanced hair softness and luster when applied to the hair and good grip for hairstyles, protects hair from hardening, and reduces hair breaking. It also gives hair a body and makes it silky, glossy, and voluminous while remaining flake-free.



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