Rozalena Argan Oil Moisturizing Day Cream

This 50g moisturizing day cream is made from a fine mixture of organic argan oil, almond oil, cactus oil, beeswax, and other moisturizing substances. This cream will plum your skin instantly, giving it a glowing and fresh appearance. Its organic and natural ingredients are safe to use, and you do not have to worry about rashes and itchiness after using it, as it does not contain any extra additives. The cactus oil present in this once a day moisturizing body cream is lightweight and a quality absorbent. It opens damaged follicles and removes free radicals from your skin. It is very effective against skin damage, and it will reverse your skin problems by hydrating your skin and reducing skin inflammation. This moisturizing day cream will clear acne and acne scars. It will remove sunburns from your skin and minimize the skin aging process to give you a luminous and glossy look. Use a sufficient amount of cream on your skin, rub it gently in a circular motion and massage your skin until the cream ultimately gets absorbed. Apply it at night or before makeup for best results.



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