10 Hair Oiling Benefits — Get Thicker and Fuller Hair

How often do you oil your hair? It might seem unnecessary, but there are actually quite a few benefits to regular oiling

If you’re not sure how to get started with hair oiling, there are several ways you can go about it — from using organic to store-bought options and getting the most out of essential oils and carrier oils. 

Let’s look at 10 hair oiling benefits, plus the best ways to do it right!

1) Oiling Nourishes Your Hair

Hair comprises protein strands, so your hair needs nourishment from natural oils. If you have dry or damaged hair that lacks shine, applying a small amount of oil can help moisturize it. Not all oils are created equal — so the best ones for your hair type should be chosen. Many people with curly hair swear by argan oil because it’s lightweight and helps tame frizziness and breakage. Coconut oil has a less intense scent and penetrates strands easily without weighing them down.

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2) They Act as Moisturizers

Hair oils nourish your hair by locking in moisture and keeping your scalp hydrated. They also act as moisturizers, providing an extra layer to protect your skin from dryness. In addition, these oils are often infused with antioxidants that can help fight free radicals that damage your hair over time. This is especially important for those with curly hair because curly hair tends to have more natural oil than straight hair, but it’s still essential for anyone who wants their hair to look shiny and healthy.

3) They Add Shine

It is recommended to oil hair because of its natural shine-boosting benefits. Because hair is primarily of protein, it tends to lose its luster quickly, but natural oils can help make it look shiny and vibrant again. Applying a little oil once or twice a week can go a long way towards reversing dullness, so invest in an organic hair oiling like coconut or jojoba instead of chemical-based alternatives.

One medical advice that hair experts give is to do regular oiling. 

4) Prevents Hair Fall

Using organic hair oiling is an effective way to prevent hair fall. It helps moisturize your scalp, preventing your hair from drying out and falling off. This organic product can be used both by men and women. Many people rely on it for combating alopecia, baldness, and several other scalp-related issues that cause hair loss. It is suitable for people with curly or wavy locks because it makes them look shiny and silky by making their follicles stronger.

5) Improves Hair Growth

Massaging your scalp with coconut oil is a surefire way to promote hair growth. Coconut oil contains antioxidant and antibacterial properties that keep your hair follicles healthy, leading to faster hair growth. On top of that, natural oils help seal in moisture, reduce frizz and prevent split ends — all essential for strong hair growth.

6) Reduce Split Ends

Split ends are an eyesore and a sign that your hair’s natural moisture levels are compromised. You can reduce split ends and create a smoother overall look by infusing your hair with oil (preferably coconut oil). For healthier-looking hair, it’s essential to oil your strands and avoid excessive heat styling regularly.

7) Regulate Dandruff

Dandruff results from a dry scalp, which leads to dead skin cells sticking to hair follicles. To keep your scalp healthy and dandruff-free, oil your hair regularly with coconut or olive oil. Not only does it moisturize your scalp, but it also increases circulation and prevents dryness. It is recommended that you brush your hair before applying oil for better distribution. Using coconut or olive oil overnight can help reduce flaking in mild cases of dandruff.

8) Fight the Effects of Pollution, Dust, Dirt, Sand, Etc.

No matter how hygienic you are, your hair will inevitably absorb dirt, dust, and other pollutants over time. A simple way to combat these effects is to take regular oiling (every alternate day is ideal). Organic hair oiling helps in preventing damage caused by hard water. If appropriately massaged into your scalp, it enhances blood circulation and promotes healthy hair growth.

9) Strengthen Brittle Hair

Bamboo hair oiling is a fantastic moisturizer for brittle hair. The oil doesn’t weigh down your hair and keeps it flexible, which is extremely important to those with brittle hair. Bamboo oil also contains Omega 3 fatty acids known to strengthen hair, preventing breakage by softening it up from within. Regular application will help combat any unwanted frizz and keep you fresh all day long!

10) Protect Your Natural Hair Color

Prevent your hair color from fading by making sure you’re oiling it regularly. Henna, aloe vera, and coconut oil all work well to keep your hair color fresh and vibrant and look good. Skin oils can replace them with moisture by removing dirt and grime that can get stuck in your hair. Plus, with added antioxidants to protect against free radicals, you’ll protect yourself against premature aging!

Hair Oiling — The Secret to Hair Health

To sum it up, regular hair oiling is a healthy habit that can help to keep your hair strong and healthy. The key is making sure you choose the right products, at the right time, in the right amounts. It’s the secret to keeping your tresses in peak condition. 

For example, if you have thin hair, then heavy oils won’t work for you – just steer clear of them altogether.

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